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Steve Enguita ZorrCorp Roll A Bucket

Owner: Steve Enguita 

Owner of Zorr Corp, Steve Enguita is a painting contractor and has been in the  painting business since 2001. Steve knows how physically demanding it is to work on a paint job. Being up and down a ladder all day, as well as moving a 23 pound paint bucket every few feet, is not easy.

Steve Enguita knew of a painters trick to complete the job faster by using a commercial mop bucket that has been known to have been used since the 1940's. Although the mop bucket was an easier way to paint, it wasn't made specifically for painters. This prompted Enguita to pursue the "paint bucket on wheels" idea.

Shortly after the Roll A Bucket came to life, Enguita designed a paint tray on wheels, now known as the Roll A Tray.

Enguita is also an award winning decorative artist, and pays attention to detail. His attention to every detail on his products did not go unnoticed. In May of 2013, the Roll A Tray was one of the recipients of the "Retailers Choice Award", at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Enguita hopes that painters will find the Roll A Bucket and the Roll A Tray "The Easy Way To Paint".


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